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You Say More Thank You Think (Translated in 12 languages)



Do you want to be bulletproof at work, secure in your relationship, and content in your own skin? Because it’s more important than ever to be aware of what your body is saying to the outside world, we’re wondering if this book is exactly what you’ve been looking for?! 

Because, unfortunately, most of what you’ve heard from other body language experts is wrong, and, as a result, your actions may be hurting, not helping, you, Janine has put her favorite secrets on how to decode and influence human behavior just for you.

With sass and a keen eye, media favorite Janine Driver teaches you the skills she used every day to stay alive during her fifteen years as a body-language expert at the ATF. Janine’s 7-day plan and her 7-second solutions teach you dozens of body language fixes to turn any interpersonal situation to your advantage.

Wouldn’t you agree that at a time when every advantage counts—and first impressions matter more than ever—this is the book to help you really get your message across?  

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Debunking myths other experts swear are fact!

Yup! Janine reveals methods here that other experts refuse to share with the public, and she debunks major myths other experts swear are fact!

you say more than you think TESTIMONIALS

How learning to decode the NEW body language through Janine's New York Times Best-Selling book YOU SAY MORE THAN YOU THINK changed the direction of these people's lives.

You Can’t Lie to Me (Translated in 8 languages)


Janine Driver was trained as a lie detection expert for the ATF, FBI, and the CIA and is a New York Times bestselling author (You Say More Than You Think). Now she makes a powerful and incontrovertible declaration: You Can’t Lie to Me.  

Driver—who is known in professional circles as “the Lyin’ Tamer” and has demonstrated her world-renowned expertise on such programs as The Today Show, The Dr. Oz Show, and Nancy Grace—now offers readers essential tools that will enable them to detect deceptions, recognize a liar, and ultimately improve their lives.

For readers of Never Be Lied to Again by David Lieberman and anyone worried about the possibility of cheating partners, devious co-workers, lying employees, or ubiquitous con men, You Can’t Lie to Me will help you uncover the truth in any situation while giving you the skills you need to keep yourself happy, your family safe, and your business protected.


”There are only a few times in life that we cross paths with someone who truly impacts us. Meeting and training under Janine Driver was one of those times for me. If you want to learn about body language and detecting deception, pay close attention to Janine and her methods.” (Jim Williams, Chief of Police, Staunton (Virginia) Police Department) 

“You Can’t Lie To Me is a must read for everyone who wants to understand how to decode people’s actions and be successful in spotting deception.” (Margaret Moore, President of Women in Federal law Enforcement Foundation (WIFLE)) 

“Janine Driver has the gift for teaching and once again she has made detecting deception fun, interesting, and worthwhile.” (Joe Navarro, Author of the international bestseller, What Every Body Is Saying

“My last decade would have been less stressful and more productive if I would have had You Can’t Lie to Me available. The effectiveness of your personal and professional communications will soar after reading You Can’t Lie to Me.” (Kathy B. Trahan, President/CEO, Alliance Safety Council)

“A lie detection expert for the FBI, CIA, and ATF shares the tricks of the trade in this helpful, easy-to-digest guide to spotting deception in our daily lives. Driver’s formula is well explained and promises powerful results.” (Publishers Weekly) 

“You Can’t Lie to Me is wrought with humor and absolute transparency as Driver tackles integrity in the workplace, safety in relationships, and down-home honesty. I love the B.S. Barometer. I’m recommending this second book as required reading for our entire staff!” (Mick Woolsey, Director of Training, Utah Foster Care Foundation)